Your future house we will build, will be really for you. We offer complete cycle.

1. Searching for a construction plot

2. Preparation of the project

3. House assembly

We can help you to find a suitable building plot in your area. Our architects will prepare for you the project of your future house . Specially for you ! No restrictions for your imagination: — Your style, — Your floor plans, — Your future compfort. We don´t really build your future house … we ASSEMBLY it. The house up to 4 floors doesnt need an additional structure.

What are the parts we assembly your house of? The walls of the house are made of a special «sandwich panel» in different compositions. Comfortable living, using advanced ecological technologies is possible already now. There are around 100 different panel types, which are used pending on the climatic characteristics of the region.

The thickness of the sandwich panel is 0,40 м. On the picture you can see how thick should be a wall, made of different materials in order to get the same energy saving standards. We use high quality windows with a tripple glasing.

Energy saving

Advantaged of the Attika Building Group houses are the falowing. Energy saving: your house will save up to 90% of electricity usually spent by “normal” houses. Our houses have a А+ ebergy saving certificate.


We use the best technology. Your house will not be built, but assembled 100% according to

the approved proyect. No “surprises”, no unforseen costs. Your new house will be manufactured and assembled within 4 months, which is impossible for the traditional way of building.


You will live in a comfortable and healthy passive house, whith practically no electrical consumption.

Seismic and fire resistance

Our houses have spanish and eu quality certificates. They have noise, heat and cold protection and have a permanent ventilation, making a comfortable feeling in the house. Our houses are recommended for the seismically active regions. They are highly fire resistant.

For Investors

We are not only working with individual clients,interested in ecological houses, but also invite developers and investors to participate in the future of the construction industry with Attika Building Group.

Our technology can be used in the construction of hotels, resorts,developments with the up to 4 levels apartment buildings.

About Project

Eco House Group

«The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.» — John Lassete.

Its not so easy to find a ready house which would perfectly meet all your needs. Attika Building Group will construct your ecological dream house . We construct premium class big module houses according to the «passive house» standards.

Modern, comfortable, energy saving ecological house… for healthy and comfortable living. This is how we think of a»module house». How do we do it? 

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